What we do
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About Us

Who we are
digitALLearning (digitALL) is a social enterprise founded in 2012 which helps students in developing countries through guest lecture series and learning support from volunteer lecturers and experts in Europe and America using video-conferencing system. The digitALL is a member of United Network consortium and UN-CARP (UK Nepal Comprehensive Academic & Research Partnership) and co-hosts the Social Enterprise Coalition (SEC) in Nepal. It currently operates through three regions – Europe, Asia and Africa & Pacific. The organisation is led by digitALL-pmg (project management group) executive board and a separate supervisory body – the Independent Council for Quality and Assurance (ICQG).

Services of digitALL

Quality commitment is our major principle to provide any services. digitALLearning has quality in all aspects from initial point to end delivery. The services of digitALL can be categorized into two aspects:

digitALL PRO ®

Academic and Educational Service provided by digitALLearning are the services provided by digitALL PRO ®

Key Benefits of Subscription
  • Student gain applied knowledge that is of global and local relevance
  • Access to world-class expertise from lecturer and researchers volunteering to participate in digitALL from various countries
  • Competitive positioning of the subscriber for quality global education having associated with digitALL which we believe is far greater than any individual university affiliation
  • No major infrastructure setup costs involved and the subscription charges are standard
  • Skills, language development and certifications and enhanced employability


digitALLearning Europe in association with The Real Graduate Programme (RGP) based at University of South Wales provides industry consulting services to businesses, governments and civil society. The digitALL PREMIERSM, an associate superbrand of Nepal based organisation UNESEEN and locally managed by digitALLearning Asia, helps businesses to become competitive through solutions where performance is delivered with ‘simplicity’ using our excellent ‘services’ which ultimately benefits the ‘society’.

Our vision and strategies

Our process is straight forward, simple, & successful.

Our vision

All teachers and students have access to contemporary technology and world class digital content(Both live & offline) with which to create, communicate and collaborate locally and globally. digitALLearning is engaging, personalized and authentic to enable students to become confident, creative, active and informed citizens of the 21st century.

Our strategies

“digitALLearning helps students in developing countries through teaching by using videoconferencing system and learning resources sharing which helps them to developcritical thinking, applied knowledge and leadership in their profession and society.digitALLearning is increasing its subscription in Nepal, China, India


Leading experts from various backgrounds and countries contribute to the success of digitALL sitting at various committees and responsibilities.


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